The Yoga Conference & Show, April 2016

It was year nr 4 for us at  The Yoga Conference & Show in Toronto and it gets better each year. And as we become closer to this great community of yoga loving people I really enjoy talking to people who have become regulars and keep coming back to our booth to chat, give feedback, show their grown and new children and of course often buy more too. Thanks everybody for all the kind words and support, I am on a post-show high here.

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City parent, Feb 2016

Some nice coverage by this great publication. We are featured in the “cool stuff for kids” section, so there you have it. Yogaga is cool.

They also interviewed us about toddler yoga in specific and wrote a lovely article based on the interview.

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Today’s parent, Jan 2016

Today’s parent, one of the leading parenting magazines thinks Yogaga is pretty awesome. They mentioned our story card set The Sea and Me in their January Happy & Healthy section. Right on!

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The Yoga Conference & Show, March 2015

For the third year in a row Yogaga was part of The Yoga Conference & Show in Toronto. A fantastic 3 days of yoga training, workshops, show. Over 20,000 visitors this year. We can’t wait for next year.

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Tuja Wellness, october 2014

Tuja Wellness tested Yogaga and had some lovely things to say:

We tested ‘The Sea and Me’ and its underwater world on a tuji’s six year old son. Here’s what we loved:
  • You can just use one card for a brief yoga sequence of 4 poses or use the whole set for the full story/yoga sequence
  • You can just read the story by itself
  • You can use it before bed or at any time of day to relax
  • The colourful pictures of parasailing crabs, smoothie-swilling snakes, pirates, and the purple octopus
  • The fun ‘nature tidbits’ on each card that provide trivia about sea creatures and get your wee ones asking questions every night like, “How do blowfish talk?”

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The Yoga Conference & Show, March 2014

For the second year Yogaga was part of The Yoga Conference & Show in Toronto. A fantastic 3 days of yoga love.

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The Distillery Blog, Friday 21 June 2013

Here’s Liesbeth Teerink setting up her booth. Her company, Yogaga sells yoga accessories for toddlers, yoga mats for kids and yoga clothing for kids. Her yoga products are perfect for toddlers and small children. Liesbeth is a remarkable woman who took a break from her 18-year career in advertising to have a family and raise a child; she was inspired to create this online business by her new passions in life, her son Liam and their daily yoga sessions.

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Kid Culture 2013

The Junction’s hippest kiddo destination launched Yogaga’s Animal Adventure DVD. Thanks, Clare, for including Yogaga in your awesome space.

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Planet Kid 2013

Roncesvalles hottest baby and kid destination dedicated their store windows to Yogaga February 2013.

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